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Grace Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran Church had its beginning in Union in 1937, initially meeting in various storefronts and in an American Legion Hall before building its first worship facility in 1946. During its 70 years of existence, Grace has been served by only four pastors: the founding pastor, Rev. Henry von Spreckelson (1937-1973); Rev. Donald Sandmann (1973-1980); Rev. Donald Brand (1981-2016); and Rev. David Russert, our current part-time pastor. Originally, the majority of Grace’s membership came from Union Township. Today, about half of Grace's membership comes from Union, while the other half comes from surrounding communities. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church for the Deaf St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church for the Deaf began in 1937 as a mission of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Newark, N.J. It was served by missionaries until 1950 when a full-time pastor was installed. In 1952, shortly after Rev. C. Roland Gerhold was installed, the congregation worshipped in its own facility for the first time. After being served by two more pastors and moving to Clifton, N.J., St. Matthew's has now relocated to Grace Lutheran Church, where it utilizes the services of interpreters. This arrangement works out well and has enabled St. Matthew's to stabilize itself and plan for its ministry growth and expansion. We are One people united by our common faith in Jesus as our Savior, with One Mission to transform the world through Christ's love, with One Message of Christ dying for all so that all might live. Contact Us 2222 Vauxhall Road, Union, New Jersey  07083 Phone: 908-686-3965 • Fax: 908-686-5111 Directions and Interactive Map 
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2222 Vauxhall Rd, Union, New Jersey 07083 Phone: 908-686-3965 • Fax: 908-686-5111
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